Top Quality Concrete Sinks and Basins

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Owing to its typical rugged aesthetic and its flawlessly imperfect nature, concrete is increasingly becoming a go-to material for concrete sinks and basins for homes. Moreover, the material enhances the practical and functional atmosphere. However, people are generally confused when choosing the suitable material, design, and color for their bathrooms and kitchen.

At ConcreteMade LTD, we have the right expertise to provide you with the answers. We are capable of advising you on suitable concrete sinks and basins. The strength and adaptability of concrete make it ideal for a bathroom or kitchen. We are equipped with cutting-edge technology that ensures the precise cutting and fitting of these concrete sinks and basins. So, irrespective of the design your kitchen or bathroom has, we can cater to all!

Strong and Durable
When it comes to selecting a bathroom sink, it should fit perfectly and be made out of durable materials. Fortunately, concrete sinks and basins embody both of these desired features. The mixture of cement and sand makes this material undeniably solid. At ConcreteMade LTD, we utilize large spans using steel reinforcement and hidden supports to offer a floating impact to these chunky basins. We deliver top-quality basins for the kitchen and bathroom so that your house gets an increased aesthetic appeal.

Polished Finish
We deliver polished concrete sinks and basins to give them a silky and lustrous finish that restores their design and escalates it to the next level. Moreover, sinks and basins produced by ConcreteMade LTD are handmade, and you will be able to see a clear difference. The finish you will observe in our sinks is sincerely stunning. Therefore, if you want your kitchen concrete sinks and basins to be modern showstoppers, then hire our team of professionals.

The best thing about concrete sinks and basins is feel they can add to a room. Having a cleanly and minimalistic designed bathroom with a concrete sink exhibits a rough and industrial look. ConcreteMade Ltd offers a wide range of minimalistic designs such as a rectangular concrete sink and basin.

Add the sleek design and concrete textures in your house and add its value.